Saturday, July 24, 2010

Northern Thailand Tour 2010

These are some of my favorite photos taken during the Northern Thailand tour including of Mae Suay and Mae Hong Son.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Photography- Colour ART

Here are some of my favorite Color ART to share.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Summer Vacation (Phuket Island)

This has been dozens of time visiting Phuket becoz this island will not get bored. This trip was a special one because I'd meet up with one of my Flickr friend, Pete and his model Trish, from U.K. They are sucha lovely friend!!!!!!!!!Here are some photos that I'd taken.

We stay in a Hotel name Sugarpalm Grandhill which situated in Kata. It has a nice room, comfortable bed, good internet speed BUT the service need to improve. The breakfast has nothing to mention as and it's up the hill, so not recommend for the elderly.

We had been to several Restaurants but only one or two to mention about. We rented a car for the whole trip from Kucarrent, Mr Ku is the boss who is my friend. He's such a nice guy. We had only visit one island for this trip, Raya island. The water of the island is very clear, but the snorlkelling wasn't that pleasant because that day the sea was very rough. Here it goes..........

Sugarpalm Grandhillside Kata. Nice room, free internet. Nice swimming pool.

Bad customer service, expensive tour rate, lousy breakfast. Climb a lot to the room coz it's too steep.


Gan Eng: Chalong pier, nice ambience, fairly nice food and resonable price.

Baan Chom View: A few kilometre from Kata, on the top of the hill. Nice view of Kata noi. Very nice local dish, presentable but a little costly. Worth it anyway.

Car Hired: Kucarrent.

Island Tour: Raya Island. 30 min from Chalong Bay by speedboat. A very clean island with clear water and white sand.

Weekend market: Opens only on Sat and Sun. 3pm- 10pm. Located near NAKA temple and the local call this , NAKA market. Hundreds of stalls vendor selling cothing, shoes, CDs, food etc etc. Highly recommended, whatever you need, they have it!!!!