Friday, June 26, 2009

Where is Pulau Ubin?

The sun is setting....hurry take the ferry back home.
It's the mud crab! Small thou!
It's durain season now....come here to trek and I promise will reward you with some durians. Picking it on ourselves taste always better than buying it, TRUST me!'s one of my favorite tropical fruit, RAMBUTAN!
Here's the bridge connecting out the Sea.
A Singapore Airline plane is about to land.
Hahahah.......nice jump right? (Blush)
An estimated 10 Storey View point.....we head up but nothing really Special bout the View thou.
We gonna walk all the way to this Costal Bridge.
No bicycle allowed in CHEK JAWA in order to protect the natural scence, I assume?
Heading to CHEK JAWA Wetland,unfortunately, High tide!
Spotted a fallen durain.......YUMMY!
Out of sudden don't remember what is these jackfruit look alike called. Champinak?
A deserted old hut.
mmmmmmmmmm, missing Kampong life, look at the rambutan tree.
Panning a double cyclist.
Lot's of bicycle rental shop.From $2 to $8 for a full day. No particular need to be taken. Pay and Go!

Hut on the sea.
1/13 sec shutter speed trying to captured the wave hitting the rock.
The Coxswain.
Taking ferry at Changi Jetty costing $2.50 per person. Just a short 10 minutes ride.
Pulau Ubin is a small island situated in the north east of Singapore , to the west of Pulau Tekong. Granite quarrying supported a few thousand settlers on Pulau Ubin in the 1960s, but only about a hundred villagers live there today. It is one of the last rural areas to be found in Singapore.

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