Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chiangmai Temple(WAT GOOKUM)

Buddhist temples in Chiangmai show off a mixture of architectural styles that reflect the varied heritage of Northern Thailand. Elements from Lanna Thai, Burmese, Sri Lankan and Mon temples have all been used in one from or another. Intricate woodcarvings and protective Naga serpent staircases add a flamboyance that reflects an awesome reverence for the Buddhist religion. Gilded umbrellas, guardian figures from the tales of the Ramayana and stupas trimmed with god filigree combine to heighten the overall effect.
To date, there have been some 300 temples constructed in Chiangmai an its outskirts. Visitors should take the time to visit the most revered temples in the city, built during the noble Lanna Thai dynasty.
Wat GOOKUM is situated at the near Central of Chiangmai, Gaew Nawarat Road. it has been about 400 years of history and currently managed by Abbot name Toot Noi. He is the fifth generation Head of Abbot in this temple. The temple isn't really Big but there are enough rooms for a School for the children and monks. Here it goes with some of the photos I'd taken in there.

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