Thursday, July 30, 2009

From ChiangMai to PAI

Hooooh,there is no way I can drive pass...these Cows own the Road..Moooooooooo!!!!!!
Pong Duad hot spring ....nothing special, can Skip thou! Resort in Pong Duad hot spring ...nothing thou. Temple in PAI town.We park our car in there. Huh, she really love posing! What a jump ohhhhhhhhhh.Babies,thinking when the Bamboo raft man coming to pick us? What a POSE! World war 2 Memory Bridge. Sunny Day at Pai. He is fit!This is our Bamboo raft Captain, Mr Luoo....a funny 62 years old man.Let me try to Raft it's not easy thou!They are enjoying it isn't it?The Scenery of PAI......Part 2 coming soon.........
Pai is the Northeastern district of Mae Hong Son Province, North of Chiang Mai on route to Mae Hong Son. It lies along the Pai River and has been a popular tourist destination with people from all over the world since around 2005. The town itself has no special tourist attractions; most people visit Pai mainly to appreciate a simple life in a relaxed atmosphere. Pai does have some interesting nearby attractions however, such as hot springs, waterfalls, and a lot of old temples. One of most famous photo shooting spots is the Memorial WWII Bridge and you can also rent a bicycle or motorbike and visit the nearby attractions. Nowadays Pai is used a starting point for trekking tours which are offered by over 20 local agents. This is the photos I'd capture from Chiangmai to Pai..................

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