Friday, July 31, 2009

Wat Phrathad Sunanta(Mae Teang)


Wat Phrathad Sunanta(Mae Teang) is situated at approximately 40km from Chiangmai. The head of Abbot in this temple name Kruba To. I was told that he found this temple when he was very young alone, stay there alone,Practice and meditate when this temple is just a hut. Until today, this temple is Liberal which occupy the Space of 53 Rai(84800 Square Metre). Personally, I had stroll pass the temple itselves and found out that there are lot's of spectacular Amulets that we can rarely see at other temples. This temple itself do have a website on it's own and those who understand Thai can click to have a look . Here we go for some of the spectacular Shots I'd taken. Those who are interested to visit this temple can PM me anytime for assistance, I'm willing to share! Cheers!

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