Monday, July 6, 2009

Rusty objects with Black & White effect

All photography was originally monochrome, most of these photographs were black-and-white. Even after color film was readily available, black-and-white photography continued to dominate for decades, due to its lower cost and its "classic" photographic look. It is important to note that some monochromatic pictures are not always pure blacks and whites, but also contain other hues depending on the process. The Cyanotype process produces an image of blue and white for example. The albumen process which was used more than 150 years ago had brown tones.
Many photographers continue to produce some monochrome images. Some full color digital images are processed using a variety of techniques to create black and whites, and some cameras have even been produced to exclusively shoot monochrome.
I'd discover Rusty objects taken with black-and-white effect is very cool. So I go around searching for these objects to shoot in B & W. It's hardly for anyone who walk passes these to have a second glance BUT when it's put in photography, IT"S it goes

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