Friday, July 24, 2009

Mae Ya Waterfall (said to be tallest in Thailand)

Mae Klang is the lower one down MaeYa waterfall. it's about 7 km away from and it's not as Beautiful as Mae Ya.

WATERFALL,WATERFALL,WATERFALL again. Feel like addicted taking photos of Waterfalls!!! drove all the way from Chiangmai Town to Mae ya waterfall taking the distant approximately 75 km. Upon reaching, have to drive another 6km into the deep route,it's easy ride thou but the curves are Sharp. Reach the waterfall car park still need to walk 500m to the main waterfall which the view is Awesome !! This waterfall is quite popular for trekkers unless you rent a car or motorbike becoz it will take some time travel there. Below it's the full intro of Mae Ya waterfall..............

Mae Ya Waterfall is the pride of the Chiang Mai province. It certainly surprised Noot and I with its enormous size. While Thi Lo Su gets a good deal of votes for Thailand's most beautiful waterfall, we actually think Mae Ya is either as good or better! We've been told it's 260m tall and over 100m wide, and if this is true, then it certainly holds its own in terms of size (it's supposedly the tallest waterfall in the country). But we think it's the fan shape and the multitude of stepping drops that gives the waterfall character. Plenty of people came here with big cameras so I think it's safe to say this is also a photographer's favorite.
There's a tented cantine and market at the car park for the falls (you can see the top of the falls from there) and the walk to the falls view is about a flat 600m from there. We saw many people playing in the water further downstream from the actual waterfall itself and you can expect to share the viewpoint with many people as well so taking photos might be a challenge. Definitely do be careful if you choose to venture closer to the moving water for that "I was there" photo.
The falls is about 14km from Chom Thong Village (50km from Mae Klang Waterfall) at the end of a scenic road that teases you with distant views of the summit of Doi Inthanon, Thailand's highest point.

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